White Nail Polish Is Always a Vibe—Here Are the 20 Best in Existence

Nail trends come, and nail trends go, but one thing is for sure: White nail polish is a forever mood. For decades, it's been one of those nail polish shades that are almost too good to be true. It fits the bill all year long (that Labor Day rule is totally outdated), is appropriate for any occasion, and looks good on everyone. What more could you want out of a nail polish?

If you're operating under the assumption that white nails are too basic, flat, or even too extra, chances are you haven't found the white polish finish that's right for you. Just ask Lizzo, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, and the countless other celebrities who can't get enough of their white nails.

Ahead, find our edit of the 20 best white nail polishes, broken down by varying finishes to help you find your new favorite. 

Bright White


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This classic shade of white is simply stunning. Whether you're coating your nails in an opaque layer of varnish or searching for the perfect shade to help you execute some negative-space nail art, this bright, crisp hue is an all-around winner.

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Milky White


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If you're more into softer white nail shades, look no further than a diffused, milky white. Instead of a high-impact, fluorescent-like pop, you'll get more of a natural finish. It'll give you the perfect balance between an opaque and sheer color.

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Pearly White


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Put a chic spin on your classic white manicure with a subtle hint of shimmer. Pearly white polish is perfect for those who want a little something extra without having to commit to the decidedly extra-ness of straight-up glitter.

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Sometimes white polish can feel too stark. The good news is there are plenty of hues that deliver the same dainty neutrality with just a slight tinge of another color.

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French White


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Love it or hate it, the French manicure is one of the most iconic nail styles of all time. A flat, opaque white might not always be what you gravitate toward, but it's a critical component for creating the perfect classic French tips.

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