5 Summer Staples I Never Purge From My Closet

As I’ve mentioned several times in the recent past now, I’m quite big on cleaning out my closet. Whether it’s just to declutter, make space for new buys, find pieces I can donate, put together a selection to sell, or, oftentimes, all of the above, I find the experience not only rewarding but actually therapeutic as well. Of course, no matter how many times I organize, purge, and repeat, there are always certain pieces I simply refuse to part with because I know they will come in handy later. In the “summer staples” category, specifically, a solid five come to mind, so I thought I’d round them up for anyone looking to do some late spring cleaning, early summer shopping, or both. To see, read about, and (naturally) shop all the items that avoid the "go" pile time after time, just keep scrolling. 

White Tops

Summer Essentials - White Tops



Pretty white tops are always going to be the perfect addition to your favorite jeans, shorts, and skirts in the summer. And since somehow the category seems to have evaded the trend cycle, if you can keep them clean, you should keep them around.

White swimwear can yellow, prints and colors come in and out of style, but black swimsuits—even the seemingly "trendier" styles—will always serve you well and look chic. Hence, I rarely get rid of them when cleaning out my swimwear drawer.

Denim Shorts

Summer Essentials -



No matter how many shorts trends have come and gone, I've always ended up back in my favorite denim pairs at some point or another each summer. Even the pairs I bought in high school still serve me well from time to time, though these days I'm partial to slightly longer options.

Simple Sandals

Summer Essentials - Simple Sandals



Simple sandals—especially those in black–are another staple that is much less susceptible to changing trends and can last you for years if you opt for the right style and a high-quality pair. While I admittedly can't help but splurge on new ones every summer, they only get added to my growing collection of favorites. 

Summer Essentials - Classic Dresses



I have summer dresses (half of which are probably from Reformation) that I bought five or more years ago but still look forward to wearing every time the temperatures rise again. A great find is forward-feeling but still classic enough to come back season after season.