9 Summer Swaps You'll Want to Get Ahead Of

Summer is finally on the horizon, and that has a lot of implications for our wardrobes. Aside from their being countless items to stock up on or, perhaps, bring out of storage or out from under the bed, it also means you can start putting away a lot of the wardrobe basics that have been hogging real estate in your closet for the last eight months or so. This includes the usual suspects like coats and boots as well as less-obvious pieces such as the sweatpants you’ve likely been living in for the last couple months or our beloved blazers that it will soon be too hot for.

If you're anything like me and love a good closet purge, this should all sound like a lot of fun. To read about what nine items to swap and shop the nine summer-ready picks to replace them with, buckle up and simply keep scrolling.

Swap Blazers for Big Button-Downs

summer dressing



Looking for a light but polished layer? Look no further than the oversize button-down for any occasion—even the pool.

Swap Sweatpants for Sporty Shorts

summer dressing



Think bike shorts, track-inspired shorts, and, of course, sweatshorts.

Swap Big Leather Bags for Woven Bags  

It’s amazing what a touch of raffia can do for a handbag as well as your entire outfit.

Swap Turtlenecks for Ribbed Tanks

Ditching turtlenecks may be obvious, but be sure you stock up on the ever-so-important ribbed tank ASAP.

Swap Bodysuits for Swimsuits

summer dressing



Feel prepared for whatever summer may have to throw at you by using swimwear as your under layer of the season. If you opt for a classic style, odds are no one will even notice (until you take a dip).

Swap Coats for Flowy Dresses

My go-to look when I can’t think of an outfit in winter and fall is to simply wear a big belted coat and call it a day. The summer equivalent of that is, of course, a big, flowy dress.

Swap Boots for Sandals

summer dressing



You may have gotten through spring without casting your boots aside, but come summer, it’s time to ditch them in place of all different styles of sandals.

Swap Sweaters for Cardigans

summer dressing



A sweater can not only feel restricting when it’s hot but also tends to look out of place. A cardigan, on the other hand, makes for the perfect easy layer (or even a top depending on the type).

Swap Trousers for Long Shorts

Yes, as you guessed, shorts are really important right now. So important that they deserved two categories. Aside from sporty pairs, don't forget to look for long denim and trouser-inspired styles.