7 Things We Purged From Our Closets This Week

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I feel like nearly every other day, I find myself rummaging through my closet, cleaning and clearing things out for at least 30 minutes if not more. Anyone else? The habit, which I happen to find quite therapeutic, has developed for a number of reasons. First, I'm spending more time at home than ever. Plus, I semi-recently moved into a new apartment, which has fueled an even stronger desire in me to organize and purge as much as humanly possible before fully settling in.

Next, spring is so close I can taste it, which sparks the age-old tradition of spring-cleaning. As a New Yorker, I can start putting my winter coats, boots, and accessories back into storage. If you're in the same boat, then you know what an indescribable joy that is.

Last, for reasons that need little explanation, it’s a better time than ever to donate clothing (or anything, really). In short, closet-cleaning is a triple whammy right now that makes me feel good and leaves my wardrobe less cluttered.

Knowing I can’t be the only one doing this, I reached out to my fellow editors and asked them to share what specific categories of items they found themselves purging from their closets this week. We put all of our responses together in one handy graphic to guide your own clean-out. To read more about each person’s experience, just keep scrolling.

And since this is Who What Wear, you'll also come across a handful of shopping picks just in case you're currently inclined to do some online shopping, too.

Closet Clean-Out Guide


Who What Wear

Purged: Dated Tops

I have a habit of acquiring too many "cool" tops each season, which I usually buy for super cheap knowing they might not make it past a few months in the trend cycle. Needless to say, several of the ones in my closet were past their prime, so I decided to remove them to clear space for a fresh start. (Hopefully, I won't make the same mistake this upcoming season.) Moving forward, it's all about timeless pieces.

Purged: Old Leggings

"I have so many weird pairs of leggings from years past. I pretty much just wear high-waisted, neutral, solid-colored ones these days, yet my drawer was crammed with crazy-printed ones, so off they go. I'm very happy to be able to open and close my drawer again."

Purged: Worn-Out T-Shirts

"I just went through my drawers and ditched all of the worn-out T-shirts I've been saving for no apparent reason. Who needs five random faded black tees? Exactly. Given that I'm wearing T-shirts on the regular with my WFH 'fits, I replaced the dingy ones with fresh styles from Hanes and H&M."

Purged: Distressed Skinny Jeans

"On a recent spring-cleaning, I said goodbye to a bunch of ripped and distressed skinny jeans that I never wear anymore, perhaps because I tend to lean toward cleaner and more minimalist silhouettes these days, or maybe I'm finally caving in to my mom's request. It does feel really good to have a more streamlined denim collection."

Purged: Ill-Fitting Items

"Being at home has definitely inspired me to clean out my closet. My trick to really editing it down is to put everything on a rack and try on all of the pieces. It's time-intensive, yes, but it's effective at helping me figure out what I want to hold on to. I add anything that doesn't fit (or can't be altered by a tailor to fit properly) to my donation pile."

Erin Fitzpatrick from Who What Wear - fashion editor and senior news editor

Purged: Old Slippers

"Since I'm home more than ever now, I'm wearing house slippers every single day. I've been holding on to a couple of very old pairs, but I finally purged them since I've exclusively been wearing the newest of the bunch anyway. My toes have never been happier."

Purged: Nostalgic Tees

"I've somehow accumulated so many random promotional tees and tourist tees over the years, and they were the first thing to go when I finally sat down to go through my closet. Don't get me wrong—I love a good graphic tee (I hung on to a few that have the perfect worn-in wash and slightly oversize fit), but the others weren't serving much of a purpose, and I wanted to make some room for a restock of my favorite basic tops that I had just placed an order for."