I'm Basically an Expert on Black Sandals—These Are the Best Pairs to Buy Now

So what makes me “basically an expert on black sandals”? Well, let me tell you. Aside from owning more pairs than I’d like to admit (or can even easily count), they’re also pretty much the only shoes I wear from the beginning of spring when the temperatures rise to the end of summer when they start to drop back down again. In fact, even my husband makes fun of my obsession, jokingly asking me every time a package arrives at our apartment whether it’s another pair of black sandals. The joke is on him though because, oftentimes, it is!

Anyway, I've gotten off track. Back to today's story. Given my extensive knowledge of the black-sandal market and the fact that spring is finally in full swing and summer is so close I can taste it, I figured it would be a fitting time to round up the best pairs out there right now—all 27 of them. To see and shop all my picks, priced as low as $18, just keep scrolling.

These sandals are the best thing I've bought all year.

Another day, another hit from By Far.

No basic flip-flops here.

Trendy and comfortable at the same time thanks to the convenient block heel.

Everyone needs minimalist, flat slides.

I'll always say yes to a little bit of extra height!

For when you're feeling fancy on a budget.

Every summer, these dominate my Instagram feed, leading me to believe that they must be as great as their reviews imply. 

I think it's about time I snag these.

I love the woven detail on these. They'll look so good with straight-leg jeans.

It's unclear why I haven't already bought these, but the time is nearing.

This on-the-rise brand masters everything it makes.

Further proof that you need a pair of thong heels.

I couldn't just leave it at one pair from By Far.