The 3 Sneakers Fashion Girls Will Be Wearing This Summer

Why don’t we start by discussing the distinction between “summer sneakers” and those which are worn in colder seasons? Aside from often being lighter both in weight or color, shoes for summer tend to possess fewer frills than the more statement styles we see people sporting in winter and fall. Furry lining? Forget about it. Prints and embellishments? See ya in September. The best reasoning I can come up with to explain this, quite honesty, is simply that it’s a vibe.

So now let’s get to the pairs that I expect (or rather, know) will be popular this coming solstice, which, by the way, is basically just one month away(!). Over the last few days, I sleuthed the world of Instagram to identify three main brands and, within them, certain styles of shoes that the most ahead-of-the-curve fashion girls are wearing right now. My conclusion was that despite the categories you’re about to see below being "virtually" everywhere, they haven’t even peaked yet, so if you’re looking to buy a tennis shoe or two for the coming months, this would be the time. To see which three brands made the cut and, of course, shop them along the way, just keep scrolling.     

1. New Balance

If we had to choose only one top-trending sneaker brand in the fashion world right now, New Balance would definitely take the cake. 

This version, the 990v5, seems to be an especially big hit among our favorite influencers and even celebs like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

They look particularly cool with Nike socks.

2. Converse

Always a favorite, the classic Converse Chuck Taylor seems to be experiencing a little extra time in the spotlight this season, and we're so on board.

Low-tops are welcome, too.

They're the perfect complement to straight-leg jeans.

3. Nike

When it comes to the latest Nike craze, classic white Air Force 1's and other similarly simple styles seem to be the favorite on Instagram.

There's no prettier sight than a fresh pair of white sneakers in their box.

You can check Must look good with sweatpants off your list.

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