Camping 101: How to Rough It in Style

When we talk about camping gear, we're not talking about your tent, sleeping bag, or flashlight. Yes, those are all crucial pieces to the outdoor-vacation puzzle. But when we're prepping for a trip out of town, it's all about the outfit. I recently headed out on my own weekend getaway, and I learned the hard way that planning what to wear when you're out there roughing it can be tricky. Yes, I needed pieces that could take a little sun, sweat, and dirt, but let's be honest, I wanted outfits that still felt fashion-forward (because if it's not on Instagram, did it really happen?).

That's why I'm rounding up four ideal outfits for the great outdoors, looks I probably should have toted along on my own trip but didn't have the foresight to pack. From the perfect ensemble for roasting s'mores by the fire, to a sporty-chic look to wear hiking, these foolproof outfits won't let you down, no matter what nature throws your way.

Read on for a breakdown of what to wear for whatever your ideal activity may be!