Femleisure: The Trend That's Taking Over the Fashion World

Femleisure: It’s a word you may have never heard before, but you’ve seen it coming. Like the chicken vs. egg debate, determining where a trend first developed is tricky to settle—whether it first appeared on the runway or the street. But there’s no denying that femleisure has quietly become one of 2016’s biggest trends.

In its simplest definition, femleisure is the marriage of ultra-girly and athletic-inspired pieces. This could mean a dainty dress paired with sneakers, or a full skirt styled with a tee. The unexpected combination of both feminine and athleisure-inspired pieces makes for a balanced combination that is polished without trying too hard. For street style stars, it’s a fresh challenge to style two theoretical opposites in a way that feels authentic.

Read on for a look at the athleisure trend and to shop pieces to help you pull off this major trend too!