My At-Home Wardrobe Isn't Going Anywhere, and This Staple Is Still a Holy Grail

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My life has completely changed in the last few years because of all the time we recently spent at home. Even though things in New York City have pretty much returned to normal, I still work from home multiple days a week and will often pick a movie night over a night out. That said, I'm definitely not letting go of my at-home wardrobe. I mean, who doesn't love the comfort and ease of loungewear? The fact that I get to live in it multiple days a week sparks the ultimate joy.

But there's one piece of loungewear in particular that I've been wearing on repeat: wide-leg sweatpants. They've become my go-to for just about everything and are the wardrobe staple I plan to take out of the pandemic and into the rest of my life. Whether working from home or running errands, I can always count on them to be comfortable and feel more stylish and elevated than traditional sweats. If you're looking for comfy, versatile pants you can wear just about anywhere, browse the wide-leg sweatpants I've discovered below.

The Best Overall Wide-Leg Sweatpants

When I say "wide-leg sweatpants," this is what I mean. I'm naming this style the best overall pick because they are the perfect pair of wide-leg sweatpants, in my opinion. When I tell you these are the softest thing I've ever put on my body, it's not an exaggeration. They're the most worn pair of sweatpants in my collection.

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The waistband here is a unique detail that immediately caught my attention.

Pink is the kind of statement I like to make at home.

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As one reviewer said, "I am on a quest for my Holy Grail of comfy pants—these are them!" I'm pretty sure it doesn't get any better than this.

I can tell these are comfortable.

Nordstrom is a treasure trove of this trend. Just saying.

Nordstrom reviewers can be harsh critics, but they gave these pants a perfect 5-star rating, so I immediately added them to my cart. 

A green-on-green moment would be a vibe with these pants.

Yes, you might even find yourself wearing them with heels.

wide-leg lounge pants



I love how flattering black sweatpants are.

Some people might not call these sweatpants, but they were too good not to share.

stylish wide-leg sweatpants



Beige makes anything look so much more luxe, and that's a fact.

I am getting balletcore vibes from these pants.