5 Outdated Sunglasses I'm Tossing to the Side and 5 New Ones for 2022


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Living in Manhattan can occasionally present quite the challenge. Some days, I want to pop out of my apartment to run an errand in my at-home wardrobe, but the social anxiety gets to me, and I feel the need to throw on a look of some sort. The fact that almost everyone I know probably walks past my apartment on a weekly basis presents me with the fear of an unprepared run-in while I am simply not looking my best. No matter where you live, we certainly have all faced that fear, and you are most definitely not alone. When I start to feel that anxiety creep in, I lean on my sunglass collection, which is now extremely easy to access thanks to the organizer I found (best $10 I ever spent, IMO). While I certainly don't need to care so much about what others think, the confidence that comes with presenting myself as my best always makes such a difference every day.

Well, what if I told you that you can look on-trend and super chic instantly with just one accessory, one that often comes in at under $20 a pop? Well, that is most certainly the truth when it comes to sunglasses, and I am here to help you update your collection to the new 2022 standards that are total game changers when it comes to making you feel all dressed up. All that you'll need to make that favorite loungewear set stand out is your new-year sunglasses and a chic coat. I'll get you started on those new beginnings with the picks below.

Tossing: Hexagon Lenses

Shopping: Sporty Silhouettes


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Rev your engines. Sporty sunglasses have landed on the scene, and they are probably the most standout micro-trend I've seen in the past year. All of our favorite designers have found different ways to make us look like our favorite baseball players, race-car drivers… and occasionally middle-aged sports fans—and I'm not mad about it.

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Tossing: Oversize Frames

Shopping: Rimless, Y2K-Inspired Shades


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I'm sure you've already gotten the memo that Y2K is back, but I'll just let you know now that it's here to stay. It's been so fun to watch trend after trend return to the forefront of fashion, even the ones that we swore we'd never go back to. Up next on the list of 2000s trends that I'll be living in is the rimless sunglasses that ruled every music video I watched as a child. Watch out—you just might get mistaken for Jennifer Lopez in these.

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Tossing: Colorful Frames

Shopping: Bright Lenses


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I think this is the most exciting eyewear trend as of late for me because I love matching my accessories to different parts of my wardrobe. Playing around with color is simply my thing, so I immediately jumped on the opportunity to wear colorful sunglasses as soon as I saw the trend coming our way. Here's your sign that you should too.

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Tossing: Circular Frames

Shopping: Elliptical Illusion


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If you shy away from trends, then this is the pair of sunglasses that is truly meant for you. Oval sunglasses are certainly having their moment right now, but you're more than safe splurging on them. They're not going anywhere and really are meant for your capsule wardrobe. I have four different colors of them heavily in my rotation right now.

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Tossing: Traditional Cat Eye

Shopping: The 2022 Update


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Here I am introducing you to the new cat eye. She is anything but basic, and she will make you appear oh so sophisticated. The traditional cat-eye sunglasses had a big moment not too long ago, but they've since evolved. Look out for dramatic, pointed corners and wider takes on the traditional silhouette and you're in the right place.

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Speaking of 2022, can you guess what food condiment I plan on dressing like this year?

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