I Polled My Friends, and We All Agree: These Under-$99 Dresses Look Rich

I think we can all admit that sometimes, we just need to confide in our friends when shopping. There’s always one go-to group chat where outfits are approved, indulgent purchases are mulled over, and like-minded shopping opinions are shared. Since dresses are such an easy one-and-done purchase, I often find the category dominates the chat. In fact, one of our favorite pastimes is finding dresses that look like they are over $1000 but shockingly cost much less.

The best part? There is actually a plethora of dresses on the market, all of which look incredibly luxe without costing an arm and a leg. There are particular design details that have proven—time after time—to instantly elevate a dress. Think sophisticated fabrics like satins and silks or tasteful seaming details and cut-outs. Ahead, we’ve put together 29 expensive-looking dresses that will have your jaw on the floor because they’re all under $99. So spread the word to your fellow fashion confidants, and happy shopping!


Just in case you’re planning a mid-winter tropical getaway.

A dress that leaves an impression!

For when you’re in cozy mode.

The ’20s feel of this embellished dress is just right.

Ponte is a fabric known for smoothing your figure.

Can you tell we’re into cut-outs right now? This dress isn't quite under $99, but we we couldn't resist including it anyway.

Your polo dress is now ready for winter.

This is apparently two pieces, but it just looks like a cool cut-out dress.

Why is oatmeal one of the all-time greatest sweater colors?

This dress has outrageously good reviews.

Proof that cottagecore works in the winter, too.

Keyholes are the quickest way to my cart—I mean, heart.

Zara’s styling ideas for this metallic midi are genius.

This dress is sold out in black, and I think that’s a sign to go for the bold pink.