Fashion People in Paris Are Known for Wearing These 7 Items

I turn to the feeds of Parisian influencers and creatives on a regular basis. After all, many in this set have the aesthetic I gravitate toward with that je ne sais quoi and no-fuss vibe. On that note, after recently scrolling through my saved folder to find new outfit ideas, I uncovered a pattern in regard to the staple items fashion people in Paris seem to wear. While there is clearly a range of pieces the French set wears, there are seven specific items that those I follow seem to wear and post about. 

Many of the items in question probably won't come as too much of a surprise because French people are basically known for relying on said pieces. You know, staples like relaxed tailoring and striped shirting. If you keep scrolling, you'll be able to take a deeper dive into these finds and others that could be of interest if you're looking to add fresh staples into your closet. 

1. Oversize Shirting

The staples French people in Paris wear: oversize shirts



It's those simple yet elevated basics that round out the wardrobes of many fashion people in Paris. This includes the trusty oversize shirt, which can be styled in many different ways.

2. Straight-Leg Blue Jeans

On the denim front, straight-leg blue jeans basically make an appearance in the feeds of every French person I follow. Classic.

3. Loafers

The staples French people in Paris wear: loafers



Loafers are turning out to be one of the top shoe choices thanks to their comfortable and always-chic nature. You can also dress them up or down.

4. Striped Tops

Yep, I couldn't make this list without noting striped tops and knits. There's something about a striped shirt that feels quite French.

5. Relaxed Tailoring

The staples French people in Paris wear: tailoring



It doesn't seem like the Paris set will give up relaxed suiting—trousers and blazers, specifically—thanks to the polished and low-key nature.

6. White Sneakers

The staples French people in Paris wear: white sneakers



You just can't go wrong with white sneakers. Just ask those women in Paris. That ideal pair brings effortlessness to any look.

7. Trench Coats/Maxi Coats

Gorgeous trench coats and maxi coats round out the edit—elegant, modern, and easy.