Sienna Miller Just Wore the Perfect Sandals-and-Shorts Combo


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On Sienna Miller: Frame handbag; Isabel Marant belt; Levi's denim shorts

This weekend, summer finally arrived after months of living in jeans and boots and many, many layers. If you're suddenly looking for summer outfit inspiration, look no further than Sienna Miller, who this weekend was photographed in New York in the perfect fuss-free summer look. The Queen of boho might no longer wear the belts and maxi dresses from her Primrose Hill days, however, her 2021 styling still had a touch of the original Sienna Miller that we all fell in love with back in the noughties.

Miller wore a pair of ripped denim shorts with the pockets poking out underneath the hems, a white blouse with billowing sleeves, white sunglasses and a khaki jacket. This look has a Glastonbury feel, as these are all summer staples you'll see at any British festival, whatever the year. As for the sandals, she kept things simple in a pair of black leather thongs with delicate, thin straps. This is a Brit summer outfit that feels truly timeless—you can imagine Kate Moss or Alexa Chung wearing this exact look decades ago. 

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