Sienna Miller Wore the Shoes Cool Girls Style With Black Tights

Truth be told, I don't really care if black tights are considered "in" or "trending" (which they currently are) at any given time. They're a wintertime necessity, and it is what it is. What I do care about is what to wear with them, and Sienna Miller is always a good first source of inspiration. Like many Brits, Miller loves black tights. Exhibit A: While out for a night of parties in London yesterday, Miller wore a very festive look that, yes, included black tights. Her sparkly minidress, black coat, green silk mini bag, and black tights are exactly what I want to wear after dark this winter. Aside from that, what really jumped out at me was her choice of shoes, which is one that I often spot cool girls wearing when they don black tights: platform sandals.

It may seem like a faux pas to wear sandals with tights, but something about the combination just works and makes the outfit look instantly chic and fancy. Most often, the go-to choice seems to be black platforms in velvet, satin, or suede, which look the most seamless with black tights. Not convinced? Keep scrolling to see how Miller and a couple other It girls pull off the look, and then shop platform sandals that would pair perfectly with your black tights.