10 Leggings You'll Get So Many Compliments On


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Surprise, surprise—leggings are still just as popular as ever, which means for those of us who are fond of the trend, our leggings drawers are pretty much overflowing. No matter how many pairs of the versatile sportswear item you own, there's no denying that you have a select few that you always reach for—the ones you even contemplate pulling out of the hamper to wear despite sweating in them during hot yoga the night before (just me?).

With that said, I thought I would take the time to talk about a few (or 10) of my all-time favorite leggings. From the black leggings I cannot live without to a few pairs that are a little more daring but definitely worth the risk, the leggings ahead are always conversation starters, whether I am in a workout class or grabbing a coffee on the weekend. The combination of their flattering qualities and unique details are really what bring in the praise, and I have no doubt they will for you too.

In case you aren't as in love with the leggings sitting in my athleisure drawer as I am, I also threw in a handful of the leggings that are currently on my wish list. In total, there are 20 leggings here for you to shop, so surely you'll love something.

Go on to shop the leggings that get me so many compliments.