42 Things Worth Buying From Shopbop, Nordstrom, and H&M

If you're sitting at home and are craving a little retail therapy, you've come to the right spot. Since I am typically always in the mood to shop, I tend to keep a running list of my favorite items from my go-to retailers, and today, I am here to share them all with you. Featuring Shopbop, Nordstorm, and H&M, the lengthy list ahead features 42 of the absolute best products from the stores you all know and love. 

Naturally, the picks below are centered around the fall and winter seasons so get ready for sweaters, outerwear, and trends galore. If you have a few gaps to fill in when it comes to your seasonal wardrobe after you're done scrolling through all 42 products, your wardrobe will not only be complete, it will be perfect. 


This bag reminds me of the '90s in the best way. 

I own this top and it has been the best purchase I've made in 2020. 

Get ready for compliments galore. 

Platform Chucks are all I can think about right now. 

This cardigan goes with everything. 

These ankle boots are absolute perfection in my eyes. 

If you can resist a faux leather puffer, you are a super hero. 

There is really so much to love about this sweater. 

Buy these now and thank me later. 

Is this or is this not the perfect shacket? 

There's just something about a two-tone shoe that hits different. 

If you haven't invested in Nanushka's vegan leather pants yet, this is your sign. 

Statement rings that will somehow go with everything. 

This top will make a major impact with minimal effort. 


The ideal cool-girl top to wear with all your jeans. 

Get ready to see these all over Instagram this season. 

A top that looks fancy but feels comfortable. 

In case you're in need of some cool new sweatpants. 

Get this in the tan color too. 

Meet the jacket you'll be reaching for all season long. 

Chains are the jewelry trend that just won't quit. 

Trust me, these will be your new favorite pajamas of all-time. 

Just wait until you see the swoosh on the back. 

The texture on these makes them look so expensive. 


If you haven't been convinced to buy a shacket yet, you have a lot of will power. 

Everyone needs a good pair of faux leather pants in their lives. 

Get this shirt in as many colors as possible. 

Yes, these can survive snow-ridden weather too.  

There's something about this cardigan that looks so expensive. 

Love a chocolate brown strappy shoe. 

This dress is just too cute. 

Only buy these if you want to feel like you're walking on clouds. 

This might be one of my all-time favorite tops from H&M. 

Buying a chunky sweater is always a good idea. 

Please say yes to the dress. 

This puffer is both practical and so cute. 

Perfect for both casual and elegant situations. 

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