How to Style the Confusing "Ugly-Pretty" Shoe Trend

Pretty much all summer long, we have been dabbling with the concept (and now full on shoe trend) of "ugly-pretty." The term was coined from the past history of these clunky sandals as being very far removed from the world of fashion, but now, they could not be closer. To see them bubbling up again on the feet of several of our favorite fashionistas means it's time to take a closer look. At the beginning of summer, Ashley Olsen wore full-on closed-toe Birkenstocks, and Leandra Medine has been rocking her all-white Dr. Scholl's all season like it ain't no thang.  From there, celebrities left and right have been supporting this shoe trend, and designers have been creating versions of their own, but this quick dominance in the industry doesn't necessarily mean we understand it—or to be more specific—understand how to style it. 

The term "ugly-pretty" in general is hard enough to come to terms with, so figuring out how to formulate an outfit that will naturally clique with this trend is mind-boggling without a doubt. To take away any confusion you might be feeling, we have given you some of our favorite street style examples of how to style this shoe trend. As you can see from the roundup, we went for a more eclectic aesthetic because if you're going to wear a shoe that someone might call "ugly," your outfit better be on point, no? 

Keep reading to see how to style this "ugly-pretty" shoe trend that fashion girls cannot get enough of and to shop each of the looks!