The Controversial Sweatpants Style We'll Probably Start Wearing

Selena Gomez is having a moment. She recently launched a new collection with Coach, and she’s set to star in an upcoming Woody Allen film with Elle Fanning—there’s no slowing down this 25-year-old actress and singer. So what’s next on her list of accomplishments, you may ask? Making white sweatpants cool—just take a look at her latest outfit.

Selena, spotted out shopping with friends on Labor Day, wore an all-white ensemble. But rather than styling the monochromatic look with a pair of white jeans, she opted for comfortable white sweatpants paired with an oversize T-shirt, white sneakers, and, for a pop of color, the Selena Grace bag.

Her choice of sweatpants is a style we haven't seen often, but if the past is any indication of the future (case in point, white leggings no longer have to be intimidating), we predict many others will follow in Selena's footsteps (and pants choice) and start wearing white sweatpants in place of traditional bottoms.

Scroll down to see Selena Gomez's full look, and then shop some white sweatpants to wear on your next outing.


(Image credit: Splash News)

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Eva Thomas