Selena Gomez, You're Selling Me on These "Ugly" Trends

I won't hide it, I'm kind of obsessed with Selena Gomez's style. These days it seems like anything Selena Gomez wears, I want to wear. Whether she's designing our dream pair of white sneakers or teaching us brand-new ways to wear leggings, you'll always find me duly taking notes of her cool off-duty outfit combinations. Lately, though, she's been testing out certain "ugly" trends I've long been on the fence about, and I have to say that the following Selena Gomez outfits are seriously selling me on the unconventional trends.

Items like grandma cardigans and wire-frame eyeglasses have always carried a nerdy connotation, but when styled by Selena herself, they're the must-have trends that she makes look infinitely cooler than anyone else I know. Curious to see which "ugly" fashion items are Selena-approved? Go on to see the six trends she's totally selling me on and then shop my picks for each of them.

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