A Simple Trick for When You Have Nothing to Wear

Sure, Instagram is great for peeping at photos of friends’ adorable new children, exotic vacations, and drool-inducing avocado toast, but its most redeemable—and actionable—use is one I came to without ever really realizing it. As it turns out, the photo-sharing app is a great place for inspiring, fresh outfit ideas.

On those days when I just can’t figure out what to wear, there’s one place chock-full of simple (but not boring) ideas that manage to come in handy when I just can’t do jeans and a T-shirt again without being disowned by my office mates.

My first foray into dressing via Instagram started simply enough: scrolling by a photo and mentally stocking a dress-and-sandal combination away for later. But as time’s gone on, I’ve developed a system, taking screenshots of looks I find particularly interesting—whether it be because of the styling, the accessorizing, or a trend I want to try—and tucking them away in a folder on my phone, ready for my next moment of crisis. Simply put, it’s a cure for the stylist’s block that hits all of us every once in a while.

Read on for a few inspiring Instagram outfit shots and to shop each look!