Get Ready for the Shocking Color Trend That's Comin' in Hot

Over the past few seasons, neutrals have taken really taken center stage with versatile shades of cream, beige, and grey popping up in the wardrobes of all the cool fashion girls. More recently, though, bolder colors like bubblegum pink and bright green have stood out on the runways and fashion scene. As we look to fall 2021, that is only continuing, and saturated shades are winning out as the biggest color trend for the season ahead.

At a time when we're all looking for a dose of fun, it makes sense that designers are injecting their collections with bold pops of color. While you don't need to part ways with the neutral pieces in your closet, you'll definitely want to make space for more vibrant hues. The main takeaway from the F/W 21 runways? Rather than a specific shade, we're seeing the saturated color trend in a rainbow of colors from tangerine to violet—each worn from head to toe for the biggest possible impact. Ahead, discover the standout colors to know about and get a head start on shopping them now.


While shades of bubblegum and hot pink have been winning out recently, for fall, we'll be seeing rich fuchsia shades moving into focus. This set from Chanel makes a case for a bold suiting moment.

On the runway:
Saturated color trend: fuchsia


Courtesy of Chanel


Already a dominant color in Prada's S/S 21 collection, even more brands like Salvatore Ferragamo are on board with saturated tangerine shades for fall. There is nothing subtle about this showstopping color.

On the runway:
Saturated color trend: tangerine


Courtesy of Salvatore Ferragamo


There always seem to be cool new shades of blue that stand out on the runways. For fall, it's all about rich cobalt—an eyecatching shade most notably seen on outerwear and accessories.


On the runway:
Saturated color trend: scarlet


Courtesy of Balmain

We're no strangers to seeing red on the runways, but this time around it's all about the head-to-toe look. Balmain really hammered this home, showcasing a scarlet look that even incorporates the color down to the sunglasses and heels.

Canary Yellow

Is there anything more cheerful than a bright canary yellow? In this editor's opinion, not really. Add it to your closet in the form of a long dress to make a statement, or take a more subtle approach by opting for a pretty ring or a pair of sleek heels.

Grass Green

Green is having a major moment right now, but won't be going anywhere once we hit the F/W 21 season. So, if you've been hesitant to add shades of bright grass green into your wardrobe, you can rest assured that it'll be sticking around for longer than one season.

On the runway:
Saturated color trend: grass green


Courtesy of Melitta Baumeister


Purple is a big color to watch for fall 2021. Lavender is already standing out as the future color fashion people will be wearing, but if you're looking for a dialed-up version, you'll want to pay attention to vibrant violet pieces as seen on Versace's F/W 21 runway.

On the runway:
Saturated color trend: violet


Courtesy of Versace