I Stopped Buying Overpriced Face Tools Because These 10 Cheap Ones Work Better

I wish I could tell you the saying "You get what you pay for" is 100% valid in regard to today's beauty market, but I've tried too many inexpensive miracle workers and too many underwhelming investments to confirm that without having to cross my fingers behind my back. I hate to break it to you, but when it comes to face tools, in particular, there are way more cash-grabbing booby traps than satisfying expenditures at stake. And sometimes, it's hard to tell what's what. Just because a fancy skincare device has a famous name or a hefty price tag doesn't mean it's worthy of your hard-earned dollars, and after many disappointments (and years of trying practically every gadget out there), I can tell you the best way to go about your face tool shopping is by word of mouth and review scouting. 

Amazon is one of the best places to start for the latter—there are literally thousands of products to be pored over, and ultra-honest reviews and ratings are never wanting. Shit gets real real fast in the Amazon review section, and you'll find all the uncensored experiences, TMI photos, and final consensuses you need to help you choose what to say yay or nay to in the name of tools and devices. However, it's very easy to fall into a black hole once you dive into Amazon's beauty offerings, so we did some of the dirty work for you and found the best inexpensive face tools that work just as well as, or better than, the expensive, overpriced ones. Plus, we're even including some of our favorite skincare products to pair them with to maximize your results. Keep scrolling! So many great deals await. 

The Best Tools

Blackhead Vacuum

I'm convinced my love language is blackhead removal, and trust me when I say this blackhead vacuuming device is more satisfying than a facial and nose strip combined. 

Microcurrent Device

There's a reason this is the cult classic when it comes to at-home microcurrent devices. It offers all the same lifting, toning, and firming perks as the spendy in-office treatments we haven't been able to book this year, and it's also less expensive than other devices, which can cost upward of $300.

Cooling Eye Wand

Your fingertips work just fine when it comes to applying your eye treatments, but for those mornings when puffiness and dark circles are extra intense, there is nothing more luxurious than Cosmedix's fancy applicator. (Plus, it's so much cheaper than other rollers and globes we've seen.) Stow it in the fridge for max refreshment.

Warming Cleansing Device

In addition to all of the mood-boosting color choices, there is so much to love about this multitasking smart device. It uses the brand's signature SonicGlow and ActiveWarmth technology to help your fave skincare products penetrate deeper and more effectively. Plus, since it's made from silicone, it's odor resistant, antibacterial, and waterproof. (Bubble bath facials are highly encouraged!)

Face Steamer

And while we're on the topic of relaxing, skin-warming skincare devices, please don't deprive your skin of a humidifier this season. According to all the best skin experts, it just might be the single most important thing to add to your routine for fall, and this affordable option rakes in tons of high praise and glowing reviews from the nitpicky Amazon set.

3D Face Roller & T-Shaped Massage Tool

I'll try to bite my tongue, but just one of these tools costs more than $100 on its own when you start looking at other brands. I suggest saving your money and nabbing this under-$20 steal, which features a 3D vibrating facial device and a T-shaped massage tool. 

Facial Razor

Say hello to beauty editors' best-kept secret (kidding, we tell everyone) for baby-smooth skin. Similar hair- and fuzz-removing tools can get crazy expensive, which feels pretty ridiculous when Tinkle's cult-loved razors do the exact same thing for less than $5. We stock months worth at a time. I use mine on my upper lip weekly. 

Microneedling Device

Trust us—we investigated—you don't need to spend a fortune on an at-home derma-roller to reap all of the same benefits as more expensive models. This one scores super-high ratings on Amazon, and the price is definitely right. 

Face Roller & Gua Sha

I'll forever be confused as to why jade rollers over, hmm, $20 even exist. Of course, some models feature real, fancy stones and crystals, but if you're looking to boost circulation and de-puff, pretty much any roller will do (despite what the industry wants you to think!). We love this rose quartz favorite, which includes a face roller and a gua sha. 

Ice Roller

You're welcome in advance! Ice rollers are one of those seemingly gimmicky skincare tools that you think you don't need until you try it. No need to pay an exorbitant amount! This model costs less than a weekly coffee habit in most areas of the country and will leave your face feeling calm, svelte, and ready to take on the world. Just check out the reviews for proof. 

The Best Skincare Products to Use Them With

Our preferred, very French way to wipe the day away sans irritation or mess. 

Did you know you should be exfoliating your lips, too? This retro, cold cream–inspired lip balm is the best way to re-up your pout with lip-plumping moisture. 

Your complexion will almost always be a bit more sensitive or prone to sun damage after a treatment, especially if exfoliation is involved. Make sure you apply SPF (like this organic fan favorite from Coola!) every single day, no matter what. 

If your skin is feeling especially parched, we can't recommend this hyaluronic acid–spiked mask from La Roche-Posay enough. 

We're obsessed with all things Mario Badescu. Not only are the formulas super effective, but they're also affordable compared to similar options on the market. Right now, we have our eye on this vitamin C–enriched moisturizer to replenish our complexions this season. Only $18 for a moisturizer? So good. 

Meet the must-have priming gel to use with your lifting and toning NuFace device. 

A potent, fast-acting antidote for those pesky breakouts that linger and linger. 

There's nothing our wallets love more than a twofer, and this peel and mask hybrid from French brand Vichy is just too good to resist. It's oil-free and will leave your skin looking smoother and significantly more radiant. 

If you're unfamiliar, TonyMoly is one of the leading K-beauty brands in the world, and this glow-inducing cleansing jelly is a skin-improving introduction to the brand if you're considering a courtship. 

We're heading into the cooler, drier months of the year—otherwise known as flake city. If your face and scalp are feeling chapped, dry, or itchy, we suggest dosing your skin with a hit of this multitasking oil from French staple brand Rene Furterer. It's the ultimate decadent treat for thirsty skin. 

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