The Real Way Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Looks Great at the Airport

Ever wonder how on earth celebs look so put together at an airport, of all places? Comfort is key while flying, after all, so the idea of moto jackets and stilettos for the occasion has always felt elusive to us. But while recently discussing her travel style must-haves, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley—who always looks like she just stepped off a fashion runway—divulged her trick to looking paparazzi-ready every time, without sacrificing comfort.

“I travel so often, and it’s unavoidable that I’m going to get photographed when I arrive at the airport and when I land. I had to get a system that works very quickly,” she told Glamour. Keeping the press in mind, she picks out stylish off-duty outfits, but unbeknownst to the cameras, it’s all for show. “I get on the plane and the first thing I do is change. … I change into the comfy clothes I brought, fold up my outfit, hang my jacket wherever, then I relax,” she revealed. Her go-to plane outfit? All things comfy and cozy: “I normally will do a T-shirt from James Perse, a pair of cotton lounge pants from my line [Rosie for Autograph], and a little cashmere wrap or cardigan. And socks! I always nick Jason [Statham]’s socks. He gets pretty upset about that, but he has nice ones.”

However, right before landing, Rosie changes back into her stylish look, and she has to have one item on hand to spruce things up: a lint roller. “I always take one with me, because lint is my pet peeve, and I feel like on a plane you always get it on you. It can just freshen up an outfit,” she explained. And there you have it—a model-worthy fashion hack for looking photo-ready after a long flight. Check out Rosie’s airport look below, and keep scrolling to shop her chic style.

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