Marshmallow Boots: Rihanna's New Go-To Airport Shoes

Apparently, marshmallows aren't just for roasting anymore, thanks to Rihanna's latest airport looks. In the past month, the style icon has been spotted wearing the Jimmy Choo x Off-White Sara Boots to maneuver through the airport on not one, but two occasions. Of course, these aren't your average pair of on-trend white boots; this unique pair resembles cowboy boots in shape but a marshmallow in overall aesthetic—white, puffy, and soft.

Bold move naming a new boot trend after a sweet treat, but when it comes to quantifying Rihanna's style, the sky's the limit. Most recently, she was spotted pairing the boots with a black sweatsuit and oversize bomber jacket. Potentially the coolest airport outfit of all time? We won't beg to differ.

Go on to see Rihanna wearing marshmallow boots to the airport twice in the past month.