The Pretty Athleisure Trend You Can Get for Under $35

Just because you're going to the gym to sweat doesn't mean you have to look boring while doing so. Thanks to the rise of athleisure as not just a trend but also a lifestyle, when it comes to workout attire, really anything goes—even the really pretty stuff. Currently I own a "pretty" workout set that I never thought I would be into. The reason? Because it has flowers all over it. But if there's any athleisure brand that's able to convince me of trends I never thought I could rock, it's JoyLab.

When it comes to sportswear and athleisure, JoyLab knows how to walk that fine line between functionality and style. The matching floral set you see me wearing above is the perfect balance between the two. Whenever I wear this duo to a workout class, people always stop to one, tell me how cute my outfit is and two, ask where it's from. When I gleefully tell them it's JoyLab and can be found at Target for under $35, the reactions are priceless. In case this particular print isn't your jam, I shopped out all (literally, all) the floral-printed options available at JoyLab right now. Because if there's anything I've learned from wearing this set, it's that pretty actually doesn't hurt—it just gets you tons of compliments.