5 Things I Learned About Athleisure From a Celebrity Trainer

If you are obsessed with the hit television show Riverdale, chances are you follow the entire cast on Instagram (as one does). This means you've learned a thing or two about the ins and outs of their lives, including who their friends are, what their sense of humor is like, and even where they work out. Follow co-stars KJ Apa, Mark Consuelos, and Charles Melton for a solid two weeks and you'll quickly get glimpses of their intense workout sessions with personal trainer Alex Fine. Alex, although just 25 years old, has trained over 100 professional athletes. His remaining client list is dripping with huge celebrity names including Jennifer Aniston, Devon Windsor, Hannah Bronfman, Sama and Haya Khadra, and, oh, did I mention basically the entire cast of Riverdale? I think I did. Casual, right?

When I had the opportunity to interview Alex, I jumped at it. Yes, I love working out and maybe I'll get the chance to experience the hype that is Alex Fine in the gym one day, but as a fashion editor, I was here to get the inside scoop on what celebrities, models, and athletes are wearing while they're working out as opposed to how many hand-release push-ups they can do. (Sorry, Charles—I'm sure it was a lot.)

It's no secret that sportswear and athleisure are continuing to peak in the world of fashion. No longer can you just throw on a tee and shorts when you're headed to the gym. There are trends to consider, materials to avoid, brands to buy into, and more. Not pressing Alex on these questions would have been a missed opportunity, but lucky for you, he dished it out for me. Ahead, read all about the athleisure trends that are both dying and returning, the leggings models always gravitate toward, and the cool athleisure brands you might not know about yet.

Avoid These Leggings at All Costs

If you don't want sweat to show through during your workout, Fine recommends opting for darker leggings and staying away from light hues like gray and see-through materials. Additionally, he cautions against pairs that trap heat and encourages finding ones that work for your body and the movements you'll be doing. "I do a lot of high-intensity workout programs with my women clients. Typically, it's three days of cardio and two days mixed with weights, lower body, and core. When you're doing higher intensity workouts like these, you need leggings that actually fit," he says. "Fidgeting with what you're wearing while working out only takes away from your performance. A lot of my clients love the brand 2XU, but it's really about taking the time to find the brand that fits your body type the best."

Available in sizes 2 to 12.

The Model Way

"A majority of the models I train tend to work out in a sports bra and black leggings or they are in baggy clothes like sweatpants and an oversize shirt. The most popular look right now though is a regular cotton T-shirt and just leggings with it. Lululemon, of course, is a brand they love, but Tantris has really nice stuff too. I wouldn't know from personal experience, but my clients tell me that they feel most confident in leggings with a thick, high-rise waistband. That's the most 'flattering' part of leggings for them and what they look for in a pair that makes them feel great."

Available in sizes XS to L.

Professional Athletes Surprisingly Work Out in These Shoes

"I work with a lot of professional athletes including NFL football players, boxers, and soccer players. What a lot of people often get surprised by is that they work out in shoes with a flat bottom. So we're talking Vans, Converse, etc. This allows them to get their whole foot on the ground to get more power when lifting. When these athletes aren't wearing head to toe the brand who sponsors them, they wear a lot of old-school brands like Kappa and Champion because they are a non-compete."

Dry-Fit Shirts Are Out

"No more tight compression dry-fit shirts. That style is a couple years back now. Instead, people are into cotton shirts you can just get soaked in. People are also wearing designer T-shirts to the gym like Off-White, for example. Seems crazy to work out in a $400 T-shirt, but people do it. Also, this seems random but no shades (sunglasses). It seems crazy, but it's a thing, especially in L.A."

Available in sizes XXS to S.

The '70s and '80s Are Back

"Anything that looks like it's from the '70s or '80s is in—cutoff sweatpants, sweatpant shorts, and short shorts are in. I see a lot of athletes, in addition to actors and models, wearing this trend too. Clients are also wearing a lot of tube socks and mid-calf socks which is definitely a part of that whole throwback trend."

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