The Engagement Ring Pics That Blew Up on Instagram

Welcome to the digital age, where it’s not exaggerating to describe your social media feeds as “bursting” with news of friends’ engagement announcements, wedding shots, and baby videos—all worthy of a double tap. But every once in a while, an announcement comes along that garners a whole lot of attention.

Even if you’re not an avid Instagram user, chances are you’ve spotted one or two of these glittering rings in your feed (or at least Discover section) before. With like counts ranging from the tens of thousands into the millions (yes, really), these are the engagement ring photos we’ve all swooned over—honestly, more than once.

Whether you’re married, engaged, or single, you’ll want to check out the sparkly shots below from models, style stars, and celebs alike. Then—because why not?—shop (or just peruse) a few of our favorite rings out there right now.

Scroll for a look at the engagement rings that are Instagram gold!