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Engagement ring shopping can be overwhelming, especially when you're not quite sure which style you want. There are so many different cuts to choose from, from princess to Asscher to oval to pear; a handful of metals to pick, including rose gold, gold, and silver; and, of course, the all-important step of finalizing the overall style. Do you want a timeless sparkler that's dainty? Would you prefer one that's a bit more vintage-inspired? Or do you want to forgo tradition altogether and opt for a blue sapphire à la Kate Middleton?

Luckily there's one way to make your quest a bit more manageable, and that's honing in on a few of the best engagement ring brands out there. By keeping your focus on a select few, you have fewer baubles to look through and can more quickly find one that speaks to you. Ahead, we've highlighted 15 brands with the best sparklers on the market. Brides-to-be, you'll find in all in our selection, from vintage-inspired ones to wallet-friendly styles. See them below, plus shop our favorite picks from each.

1. Brilliant Earth

Best Engagement Ring Brands, Brilliant Earth



Brilliant Earth offers a vast selection of engagement rings and offers transparency into how they source diamonds. 

2. Shane Co.

Best Engagement Ring Brands, Shane Co.



A leader in the diamond industry, Shane Co.'s rings have been a favorite among brides for over 40 years.

3. Sofia Zakia

Best Engagement Ring Brands, Sofia Zakia



For out-of-this-world beautiful rings, look no further than fine jewelry brand Sofia Zakia

4. Jennie Kwon

Per the brand, Jennie Kwon's pieces have been "meticulously designed to be graceful, balanced, and wearable, with unforgettably unique accents." 

5. Lafonn

Lafonn makes pretty jewels accessible to everyone. The brand's rings feature simulated diamonds for a more affordable price point.

6. Clean Origin

Best Engagement Ring Brands, Clean Orgin



Clean Origin uses lab-grown diamonds to create engagement rings that come with a 100-day money day back guarantee. Choose them for peace of mind and get a ring you love.

7. Mejuri

Best Engagement Ring Brands, Mejuri



Mejuri offers handcrafted wedding bands and engagement rings that are as whimsical as they are eye-catching. Better yet, they're quite affordable, too.

8. Diamond Nexus

Best Engagement Ring Brands, Diamond Nexus



Diamond Nexus offers an affordable options for on-trend ring designs made from lab-made diamonds.

9. Effy Jewlery

Best Engagement Ring Brands, Effy Jewelry



Brides-to-be can find it all at Effy Jewelry, from classic, timeless rings to more untraditional styles.

10. Tiffany & Co.

Best Engagement Ring Brands, Tiffany & Co.



Every girl dreams of receiving a diamond ring in Tiffany & Co.'s iconic little blue box.

Shop the brand:

Price will adjust with the diamond selected.

11. David Yurman

Best Engagement Ring Brands, David Yurman



David Yurman is known for creating stunning engagement rings with intricate, one-of-a-kind detailing and unique, sculptural-like designs.

12. MiaDonna

Best Engagement Ring Brands, Miadonna



You'll find beautiful and affordable engagement rings among MiaDonna's vast selection of lab-grown diamond jewelry.

Shop the brand:

13. Ashley Zhang

Make sure to commit this brand to memory. Ashley Zhang offers unique, conversation-starting pieces that are a combination of modern and vintage styles.

14. Ada Diamonds

Best Engagement Ring Brands, Ada Diamonds



All of Ada Diamonds lab-grown pieces are custom-made, allowing you to design the ring of your dreams.

Shop the brand:

15. Jacquie Aiche

Best Engagement Ring Brands, Jacquie Aiche



Jacquie Aiche has quickly become a fan favorite among the celeb set for its unique jewelry that features precious diamonds, moonstones, and tourmalines. 

16. Mateo 

Best Engagement Ring Brands, Mateo



Want to support a Black-owned fine jewelry brand? Enter: Mateo. Specializing in contemporary engagement jewelry, rest assured you'll find something truly special. 

17. Kinn Studio

Best Engagement Ring Brands, Kinn Studio



Have you always dreamed of having a vintage ring with a few modern touches? Then you'll love Kinn Studio. The sustainable fine jewelry brand specializes in vintage-inspired wedding and engagement rings that you can customize. 

Shop the brand:

Price will adjust with the customization process.

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