The Top 5 Engagement-Ring Trends of 2022, According to Kendra Scott


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Kendra Scott has already cornered the market when it comes to beautiful under-$150 jewelry, but now the designer is set to conquer a whole new category: engagement rings. The Austin-based brand has debuted 11 pieces with prices ranging from $1350 to $8150, and I have a feeling its dedicated fan base will be over the moon. 

A press release expounded on the exciting news: "The debut eleven-piece Engagement Collection by Kendra Scott features lab-grown diamonds that are F in color (colorless), VS2 in clarity range, and available in carat weight from 0.5 to 2 carats. All rings are custom, made to order, and delivered in approximately three weeks." All of Kendra Scott's engagement rings are available in platinum, yellow gold, or rose gold. 

To get the scoop on the new launch, I went straight to the source and tapped Kendra Scott herself. I asked for her expert opinion on this year's biggest engagement-ring trends. Keep scrolling to see her answers and shop pieces from her new line. 

1. Vintage-Inspired Details

"I have been loving vintage-inspired engagement rings!" Scott told Who What Wear. "It adds a touch of uniqueness to the ring, making it feel one-of-a-kind. During our design process for our engagement collection, I knew that I wanted to incorporate a vintage-inspired setting that felt unique but still embodied our signature shape. I was inspired by a vintage Elizabeth Taylor ring I came across in a jewelry book 10 years ago and thought, How can I create something like this for our customer? So along with my design team, we used our classic Dira silhouette to create a gorgeous setting around the center stone that gave it that one-of-a-kind heirloom feel." 

2. Contoured Wedding Bands

"The stacked style has been around for some seasons now, and it is not going away any time soon," Scott told Who What Wear. "I love stacking necklaces, rings, and bracelets to create an eclectic feel. When done correctly, stacking and mixing metals through your jewelry can elevate an entire outfit by giving it an edgier feel. We are now seeing this trend translate over to engagement and wedding bands. Even if one has a classic solitaire ring, adding in a contoured wedding band that curves and hugs around the engagement ring creates a gorgeous stack on your finger that is customizable, luxurious, and fashion-forward at the same time." 

3. Round-Cut Diamonds

"There is a reason the round-shaped diamond continues to be one of the most popular cuts. It is timeless and universal. The circular shape also allows for maximal fire and brilliance to shine through, making this diamond really sparkle. Timeless is something we strive for in our design process at Kendra Scott, and a meaningful jewelry piece, like an engagement ring, should also have that element." 

4. Lab-Grown Diamonds

"Additionally, we are using lab-grown diamonds in our collection, another surging trend. Kendra Scott was founded on the concept of attainable luxury, and we are applying that same understanding to our Engagement collection. Working with lab-grown diamonds provides an attainable, heirloom-quality alternative that is rooted in industry advancement and technology."

5. Hidden Details

"I am extremely detail-oriented, especially as it relates to design. I love when any piece of jewelry features hidden details that only the giver and receiver are privy to, such as a special message engraved on the inside of the band. It's a subtle and intimate way to personalize a jewelry piece. Within The Engagement Collection by Kendra Scott, we thoughtfully placed a singular Yellow Sapphire at the bridge of our Solitaire settings and at the base of our Iconic Halo rings to represent joy, optimism, and the promise of a bright future." 

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