A Side-by-Side Carat Comparison of Different Engagement Ring Sizes

We all probably have somewhat of an idea of what our dream engagement ring would look like. While you may know your ideal shape or cut, what’s your perfect size? Sure, sure, it may be easiest to say—whatever is the biggest! But in reality, a 4-carat ring may actually be too big for your finger—or vice versa. We’ve gone over this in some detail before, but to help you zero in on the ring size that may suit you best even more, we tapped Stephanie Gottlieb, a private jeweler in NYC, to show us what a 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-carat classic round ring actually looks like on someone’s actual hand.

Below, Stephanie is showcasing what these four different ring sizes look next to each other, as well as individually. Note that she has a size 4.75 finger, so you can imagine what the ring size would look like on yours based on that. Keep scrolling to learn more and uncover your ideal engagement ring. Plus, go a bit further to shop a few of our favorite rings of the moment at a variety of different sizes. We bet you’d say “I do” to at least one of them.

Shop rings:

The rose gold band feels very fresh.

This ring feels classic yet current and modern all at the same time.

We love the vintage feel of this art deco ring.

This ring would look great stacked with others.

The hexagon shape is very in right now.

Exclusive to NYC-based shop Catbird, this ring is described by the store as having vintage charm with modern angles.

If you want something less expected, this is for you.

For those ladies who really want the bling.

We recommend this pick for anyone who prefers something classic that will never go out of style.

If you’re looking for more sparkling inspiration, check out Stephanie's curated Instagram account!

Opening Images: The Chriselle Factor, Margo & Me

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.