The Secret Camp Attended by Up-and-Coming Models

Modeling agents regularly send editors information about the newest faces on their boards, so it’s not unusual for us to receive emails filled with pretty faces. But a recent note from one particular agent at New York Models specifically highlighted girls who had been at something called model camp, so (as visions of America’s Next Top Model–style chaos filled with my brain) I immediately asked her to tell me more.

“Model camp is an event that we put on for our development girls,” Taylor Warren explained to me. “We have two weekends a year we invite the models to our director of scouting’s home in Connecticut. They learn all about the industry via talks and various events.” But it certainly isn’t all work, no play—alongside runway classes and test shoots, the girls get to relax with a fun balance of yoga and s’mores. Visions of my own summer camp experience rose up at the thought, though I had a feeling they didn’t quite compare.  

To get the full story, I spoke to the director of scouting herself, Erin Scimeca, who hosts the girls in her home every summer, along with Lily Brahms, an up-and-coming model who attended the camp last year and has since done work for the likes of Mansur Gavriel, Nylon and Cake.

Keep scrolling to see pictures from the camp and find out what they had to say…