Moto Jackets Might Be Coming Back From the Dead—Here's How We Know

Ah, leather moto jackets—the model-off-duty staple of the 2010s. We never thought they'd go anywhere but the unthinkable happened and they basically disappeared from the backs of models, celebrities, influencers, and everyone else in recent years. That said, at the risk of sounding too dramatic, they are a wardrobe staple for many as opposed to a very trendy item that can easily look dated.

With this context in mind, we have something to report: Leather moto jackets have been slowly but surely inching their way back to relevance. We've seen some clues as of late that prove it. Irina Shayk, with her always perfect model-off-duty style just wore one in NYC, and just yesterday our Editor in Chief Kat Collings dropped into one of our Slack channels to say "The moto jacket is due for a comeback." (Screenshot below.) She also pointed out that the always directional Khaite, for one, is doing their part to make it a thing. All signs point to moto jackets coming back from the dead, in our humble opinion. And we have a hunch that the new generation of them will have an oversized fit and special details to set them apart from those of the 2010s.

Scroll to see the evidence we've gathered thus far and to shop the best moto jackets on the market.

Exhibit A

Irina Shayk moto jacket


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Exhibit B

Exhibit C

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