The Most Flattering Yoga Pants for Every Body Type

When it comes to yoga pants, high-waisted cuts are the style we see women wearing more than any others. Yep, whether it’s to a boxing session, a weekend hike, an outfit for the airplane, or a trip to the coffee shop, high-waisted leggings win out against all others. And it’s probably because they’re the most flattering yoga pants for every body type.

Activewear brand Vimmia even confirmed our theory. Vimmia retail manager Gabe Jackson explained that “High-waisted leggings are becoming the go-to universal fit in a legging. This silhouette hits most women at the slimmest part of their body, elongates the legs, flattens stomachs, and allows for more styling purposes such as pairing a high-waisted legging with the popular crop top.” So if you’re going to invest in one style of leggings, high-waisted ones are a good place to start since they’re so flattering across the board. Ahead shop our favorite styles.