These Leggings Will Boost Your Body Positivity

We said it once, and we'll say it again—you can never have too many pairs of leggings. Since we are always on the hunt for flattering leggings that hold us in in all the right places and can withstand the endurance of a tough workout (you know, for those days when you choose to wear them to the gym instead of as pants), we decided to reach out to someone who had a bit more expertise on the matter than ourselves.

Kelly LeVeque of Be Well by Kelly is a health coach, wellness expert, and holistic nutritionist, and here, she dishes out a couple of her favorite legging brands and styles. While acknowledging the importance of fit and design, LeVeque also draws attention to an intriguing concept that proves once and for all that your outfit can (and does) affect your mood. 

LeVeque told us this: "My two favorite legging brands are Alo Yoga and Lorna Jane! The brands focus on making you feel sleek, not slouchy. They hug your body right to show off your feminine curves. Plus, the brands' gear is always super hip and performs well. Lorna really understands the female body and takes great care when adding details like mesh or velvet to ensure it's truly flattering, slimming, and appropriate. When it comes to Alo, I have been known to wear my moto pants and black glossy airbrush leggings out on the town at night with a white tee, booties, and a leather jacket—they are that good.

"Your outfit can change your mood, increase your confidence, and release dopamine in the brain. Not only will dopamine make you happy, it also decreases your desire to get your release of dopamine from highly palatable foods like cupcakes, doughnuts, and pizza. Looking like you could strut down a runway and feeling sexy in your stems might actually set you up to naturally eat healthier and boost your confidence. Not to mention, since you're already in your gear, you increase your chances of working out, which makes you feel even more strong and sexy."

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