The Topshop Items Meghan Markle Would Absolutely Buy

Meghan Markle and Topshop might not be two words you're used to seeing in the same sentence, but for the sake of sheer shopping entertainment, we're making it a thing. There's no denying the absolute obsession the world has with the royals, and with it only being a few days since the royal wedding, Meghan Markle is one hot topic. Here at Who What Wear, we are constantly fawning over Meghan's style—what she's wearing and why—so join us as we take it one step further.

Now, since shopping solely designer is not necessarily the most practical of options, actually getting Meghan's style can seem a little inaccessible—until now. We decided to take some of our favorite Meghan Markle looks and prove that you can find similar iconic pieces she's worn from—drumroll please—Topshop. We did some digging and realized that if the Duchess of Sussex were to shop at an affordable retailer, Topshop would definitely be in the running. Ahead shop the pieces we think this new royal would absolutely buy from Topshop. It's a little mind-blowing, which therefore makes it a shopping roundup for the books.

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