13 Affordable Pieces That Define Meghan Markle's Wardrobe


Getty Images

Remember when Kate Middleton came onto the scene back in the 2000s when she first started dating Prince William? Every place she visited was documented. Every move was a moment to examine her body language. Then when the couple was engaged and married years later, it really took off. We were introduced to Pippa and Kate’s parents and the interworkings of her personal life. And then the hair products she used, the sandals she wore, her maternity dress—each detail of her look was covered by every imaginable media outlet, and the items would always, always sell out. It was called the “Kate Middleton effect.”

But now, in the excitement around the royal wedding, Meghan Markle has entered into a similar territory, and her selling power is undeniable. Pieces the newly minted royal wears command immediate attention and often sell out within mere hours. According to WWD, a pair of Finlay London sunglasses Markle wore last year lead to “a major six-figure online boost” with “multiples thousands of pairs” sold, accounting for “75% of all online sales in the past six months” for the brand.

And I can believe it. She’s an American woman of color at the center of a fairytale scenario, and it has been a historic moment to watch her transition into the royal family. I tuned in for the real-time broadcast of the royal wedding and watched for nearly three hours to take in the whole entire thing—as did 29 million people around the world, according to Forbes. Unsurprisingly, interest in Meghan Markle is at a high, and my social media feeds are flooded with photos of the duchess—her style and outfit choices obsessed over. If you too are fascinated by Meghan Markle and her fashion sense, you can tap into her style with pieces straight from the royal’s closet. And did I mention the affordable items all ring in under $300?