We Want Bella Hadid's Mango Boots Even More Than Her Designer Ones

Being on Bella Hadid wardrobe watch is practically a full-time job. (Paparazzi follow the girl everywhere.) We point this out because we can't follow every one of her looks. What we can do is bring it to your attention when she wears something particularly distinct or accessible, and the look that we're talking about here falls squarely into the latter category, thanks to her Mango boots.

Hadid wears a lot of designer boots (because she can), but the boots that she chose to wear with her sheer top and black Calvin Klein suit are so on trend and expensive-looking yet wallet-friendly—why would she need to? The trend we speak of is Western boots, and Hadid's Mango boots are black mid-calf leather cowboy boots, which ring in at $230. (And did we mention that they're 30% off with the code Veteran until Monday, November 12?) The boots are still available in every size, but don't be surprised if they start flying out of stock. Keep scrolling to shop them for yourself before it's too late, and check out some of Hadid's other recent boot looks—and shop more of Mango's best boots.


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On Bella Hadid: Calvin Klein suit; Luv AJ Baby Almafi Tube Hoops ($45); Mango Cowboy Leather Boots ($230)

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