I Just Got Back From L.A.—8 Trends Everyone Is Wearing There

I just spent the week in Los Angeles and have been waiting for my opportunity to talk about it so here we go. As a full-fledged New Yorker who has built her entire personality around the city that never sleeps, I'm well aware that there can be some competition between the two coasts. I'm here to tell you that this rivalry is something I have no interest in partaking in.

Every time I visit L.A., (four times in the past 365 days but who's counting) I convince myself it's time to become bicoastal. As a Gemini, having multiple personalities is kind of my thing and I think the L.A. version of myself deserves to be set free. I spent my time there living with locals in Laurel Canyon, weekending in Santa Monica, and staying at my favorite place, the 1 Hotel West Hollywood for the rest of my trip. The verdict is in: L.A. is a city worth visiting.

While I explored the different neighborhoods of the expansive city, I couldn't help but notice the different approaches they take to fashion there. Out to dinner, I saw people dine in the closest thing I could describe to pajamas. In New York, a dress and heels have become a requirement for leaving the house, period, but I was inspired by the effortlessly chic look that many L.A. girls were sporting. Among those who dressed up, a few of my favorite trends were running rampant around the city so I decided to start a list on my phone to answer the age-old question, "What is the L.A. fashion set really wearing right now?" The answers lie below.

1. Halter-Style Tops


(Image credit: @_sierramayhew)

Everyone loves Y2K style right now, but most of the bold graphic tees and nostalgic accessories lean on the trendy side. I wanted to look on-trend but elegant for my dinner at Avra, so I decided this midi dress would touch on my love for the 2000s without being too much.


2. Purple


(Image credit: @songofstyle)

Something about purple has won me over, and apparently, the L.A. fashion set is in agreement. It's predicted to be a real hit this fall and for many months to come.


3. Sporty Sunglasses


(Image credit: @mynamesireanna)

Since L.A. girls are known for loving athleisure and casual style, the sporty sunglasses trend pairs very well with their wardrobe. When in doubt, remember the bigger the better.


4. Wide-Leg Jeans


(Image credit: @tylynnnguyen)

Denim was a style staple that made me envious of L.A. residents. I can't remember the last time I wore a pair of jeans because of how hot it's been in New York, but I saw them every minute of every day in L.A. And my favorite silhouette had to be wide legs.


5. Sheer


(Image credit: @emmaleger)

Going out in L.A., I saw a lot of girls wear the classic high-waisted jeans and bodysuit look that never fails. Those who stepped up their style and wore something unique tended to gravitate towards sheer pieces which was so fun to see.


6. Y2K Everything


(Image credit: @alyssainthecity)

While I feel like many of the L.A. girls that I noticed were minimalists, the trend-driven set was all about Y2K details. Think low-rise, graphic tees, trucker hats, and more. You can't go wrong adopting the early aughts.


7. Cotton Poplin


(Image credit: @katcollings)

Everyone from Beverly Hills moms to fashion insiders could be found in a cotton poplin maxi dress or blouse at some point over the weekend. Now here's a trend I enthusiastically agree upon.


8. Wardrobe Staples


(Image credit: @slipintostyle)

Whenever I go to L.A., I shift to a uniform that heavily depends on wardrobe staples. A ribbed tank, wide-leg pants, and sneakers are always the main look in the suitcase. You can't go wrong with investing in this for the year ahead.


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