The Stars Have Aligned—This Is the Spring Trend Meant for Each Zodiac Sign


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Spring arguably is one of the most exciting seasons—the prospect of spending more time outside to watch the world bloom to life again is so special. But with that time outdoors and the shedding of layers comes the stress of getting dressed up again. We’re already a month into spring, and even I can admit to struggling to decide what to ditch from my closet, what to buy, and what to embrace for the new season. In moments of indecision, I wish I had a crystal ball to declare one specific trend that's destined for me. Alas, I’m not a psychic, and the only crystal ball–inspired thing I own is a Cult Gaia pearl clutch. Still, having a little guidance for spring fashion never hurts, which is when astrology enters the picture. 

Hear me out on this: Astrology is low-key life-changing. I cannot tell you how often I’ve read my full birth chart or my colleagues’ birth charts and thought, Oh, I get it. Knowing about your entire chart can clarify everything from how you communicate with others to your shopping habits. And while I could talk about the benefits of astrology for days, I can’t get you to jump on the full zodiac train, as I’m not a professional astrologer. But I can use a little of my knowledge around astrological signs and spring’s biggest trends to help you determine which spring trend is made for you. It’s no crystal ball, but it’s a starting point. 


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As the first sign of the zodiac, you’re all about approaching things head-on. It’s a philosophy that informs every aspect of your life, including your style. While some zodiac signs may be planning their spring purchases for the long-term, you, dear Aries, are no planner; instead, you’re all about living in the moment. This ethos makes you one of the most trend-forward signs of the zodiac. (Rihanna herself has multiple Aries placements.) So when it comes to which spring trends you’ll likely adopt, it only makes sense you’d go for the boldest of all: saffron. Red is your signature hue, and considering how fiery you are, there’s no fiercer trend for you.

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Every season, there’s one trend that manages to take charge and becomes the fashion set’s collective obsession. Such is the case with the Academic Underachievers trend. While everyone has fallen for the grungier takes on preppy essentials (think Miu Miu’s micro miniskirts or Raf Simons’s oversize button-ups), this trend is predestined for the Tauruses. As a fixed sign, you’re a creature of comfort—you aspire to meld practicality with pleasure in every aspect of your life, including your wardrobe. So for you, investing in preppy-inspired basics with a more sensual take is a no-brainer. Plus, Miuccia Bianchi Prada herself is a Taurus, so no other sign can embody this trend as you can.

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Marylin Monroe, Naomi Campbell, Ashley and Mary-Kat Olsen—what exactly do all these style icons have in common? They're Geminis, of course. What makes you, dear Gemini, so special is that your gregarious nature and great personal style make you a prime potential cultural icon. But should you not crave the spotlight, your wit and random abundance of trivia knowledge make you a cultural fiend in your own right. You're the only sign to likely both know how a trend came to be and easily pull off wearing it on the red carpet or to the bodega. Your mutable nature makes you prime for pulling off any trend—including the Y2K reboot. No other sign in my mind will be able to recount the random pop-cultural moments that led to the rise in this aesthetic as well as they can wear it. You're an icon, darling, so embrace it this spring.

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All trends come in tides, a sentiment that the cardinal cancer sign knows too well. While this zodiac sign’s element is water, it’s hardly the type to go with the flow, including when it comes to trends. Don’t get it twisted—these celestial signs are stylish, but they prefer every piece they purchase to have an interesting story. For you, dear Cancer, style is your shell—it’s your armor to feel comfortable in the world and tell the world who you are. As a sentimental sign, you’re more drawn to secondhand shopping gems and timeless silhouettes, so when it comes to trends, you prefer only to adopt ones that will stand the test of time. Enter Drowning in Drapes. Not only does this trend speak to your love for feminine-inspired silhouettes, but the water-like dramatic draping found in S/S 22 collections will make you look like the water goddess you are.

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Ah, our courageous Leo, what would we do without your fiery self? When it comes to the zodiac sign that will always be doing the most, it’s you. Your celebrity style doppelgängers include Jennifer Lopez and Dua Lipa, which should tell you everything you need to know. But since you love to be the center of attention (no shade), let me tell you that you embody anything you choose to wear because of your innate confidence. Yes, you love a luxurious, tailored piece of clothing, but your theatrical flair, charisma, and spirit make adopting the boldest trends a nonnegotiable. For you, it only makes sense that you’d embrace all the bright Crayola hues found in the S/S 22 collections, as it’s the easiest way to catch attention and channel your colorful personality.

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Do you remember when Beyoncé said, "world stop”? When it comes to you, dear Virgo, sometimes it seems like the world would stop without you. Your hardworking nature and pragmatic sensibilities keep everyone around you grounded. You work overtime for the people and things you love most, and while you’re about your hustle, that doesn’t mean you don’t care about how you dress—far from it. You love to curate a closet filled with minimalistic staples and well-tailored pieces that can last more than one season. For you, true style is about melding fashion and functionality, so when it comes to spring trends, it only makes sense you’d be intrigued by the resurgence of maxi hemlines. Not only is this trend practical for warm spring days, but its timeless nature speaks to your sensible nature.

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Long before anyone else is wearing the biggest trends of the season, you can predict that Libra signs will already be on it—look to celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, and Doja Cat as proof. Libras are the influencers of the zodiac, which makes sense considering their planet is Venus, which rules over all things beauty, art, and balance. As an air sign, your easy-breezy nature allows you to explore whatever trends you feel will make you look good at this moment without trepidation. You don’t have to worry about regretting recent purchases, because you have a natural knack for balancing more trend-forward items with timeless staples to create the perfect ensemble. If anyone can pull off the balance required to wear the Great Shrinkage trend for spring—aka, the barely there pieces dominating the S/S 22 runways—it’s you, dear Libra.

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Some astrological signs’ reputations indeed precede them—such is the case with Scorpios. Ask anyone you know, and they’ll describe a Scorpio as sensual and secretive, which isn’t a lie, but it’s not the whole truth about who you are. You’re picky about your friend group, like your favorite fashion trends. But this selectiveness makes you arguably the most stylish sign of the zodiac, as you’re not swayed to wear every trend. Your fearlessness (thanks to your ruling planet, Mars) gives you the courage to reveal it all in a risqué number or show up in a sophisticated suit but only if you choose, not if it’s trending. You wouldn’t be caught dead in a head-to-toe logo-adorned look, but a big leather jacket that you can’t tell if it’s couture or vintage? That’s you, babe. So it’s only logical you’d be about the oversize leather jackets (from trenches to bombers) that took over the S/S 22 collections. It’s the perfect piece to incorporate into your mysterious aesthetic flawlessly.

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Not everyone has the guts to test-drive every trend, but then again, not every zodiac sign has the same adventurous spirit as Sagittarians. This mutable fire sign has a steadfast desire to explore everything from stacks of books to the streets of Paris—and it doesn’t stop there. Exploration for you is an essential part of your life and your wardrobe. You can pull off just about anything and are never afraid to take a risk so long as it doesn’t mess with what you value most: freedom. You never want to be pinned down into one style aesthetic, much less wear any clothing that will make jetting off at a moment's notice challenging. Having an arsenal of clothing that allows you to express yourself from one moment to the next, along with one that lends itself to being worn in an airport, is a must. Hence the rationale behind adopting the sporty spice trend. Only a Sagittarius can make a plain pair of sweatpants spicy—you are single-handedly bringing back airport style this spring. I know it.

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As the third earth sign of the zodiac, Capricorns embody earthly sentiments to their core—they’re grounded, tenacious, and ambitious. Of course, I should note that Capricorns are much more obsessed with conquering goals and not following the runway. But I know that you always come correct, especially when it comes to your clothing. Capricorns care about their image, but you’re not necessarily about keeping up with the Joneses, per se, but putting your best foot forward. You live for subtle sophistication—e.g., minimalistic designer handbags, staples with a few modern twists, supple knitwear, or reworked suiting. Basically, you're the walking embodiment of low-key luxury, so of course, S/S 22’s iterations of this trend are all you.

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Candidly, while most zodiac signs are trying to keep up with or flat out ignore the latest trends, our Aquarians are outside the box completely. Known for its eccentric perspectives, this third and final air sign isn’t afraid to challenge the norm. You’re not only humanitarians at heart but also visionaries in the intellectual realm and in the fashion world, too. You’re undoubtedly ahead of the curve when it comes to trends—you can look to fellow Aquarian style icons such as Harry Styles as proof. In fact, right before something goes viral, you’ve likely already bought into it because you love a darling ensemble or a buzz-worthy collaboration. It’s not that you’re trying to be the center of attention; rather, you intrinsically pick pieces and trends as interesting as you are. You love a conversational piece that’s unique, hard to find, and bound to blow up. Clickbait accessories are right up your alley for spring.

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No other sign can embody the dreamy, almost Bohemian-esque spirit quite like the Pisces. As the final astrological sign of the zodiac and a mutable water sign, these intuitive beings are prone to big fantasies that inspire every aspect of their lives, including their style. Unlike other signs that are attached to practicality or popularity when it comes to clothing, you are purely about the vibes. Whatever the aesthetic is (gothic, cottagecore, tropical), you can easily pull off any style—though you likely prefer billowy silhouettes and soft silks. For you, fantasy and fashion are one, so when you opt into a trend, you pick one that stokes your imagination. I can’t possibly think of a more wanderlust-meets-daydream trend for you than The Great Escape (aka, resort-inspired pieces). You’re basically a mermaid, darling, so go ahead and embrace the swimsuits, the tropical prints, and the flowy things.

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