I'm a Fashion Editor in NYC—Here Are 4 Outfits I'm Low-Key Living in RN


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If you've ever muttered to yourself, "What should I wear?" while deep-diving into your closet, just know that you're not the only one. This is a weekly conversation I have in my household when I'm seriously stumped. Yes, I live alone and like to think of these moments of dialogue as breaking the fourth wall. One of my resolutions to this eternal indecisiveness comes in the form of a camera roll folder including some of my latest outfits that are easily re-creatable. I decided to take my role as a fashion editor quite seriously and organize said iPhone folder into a shoppable story that we can both come back to for reference when in need of some fresh inspiration.

Every time a new season arises, I find myself searching for wardrobe staples that are working double time to be both on-trend and timeless. I spent this past fall searching high and low for transitional items that I can wear until spring, and I'm happy to be able to say for myself so far so good. You'll never be asking, "What should I wear?" again when you open your closet to find a plethora of ingredients to copy the outfit ideas that I created for us. Think sweater trends that have been chic for ages but are currently having a resurgence and a 2024 update on last year's classic. Read on to discover the standout pieces I predict we'll both be living in this winter.

The Layer-Worthy Top

My goal when getting dressed is to look like a fashion pro, and one of the best ways to showcase my skills is by having fun with layering. Nothing really makes a piece feel like your own than combining different textures and layers to create a look that's uniquely yours. 


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The Tweed Jacket

The only thing I love more than this leather skirt is the tweed jacket that magically matches it perfectly. Patterned to perfection, this is a combination that I fully stand behind.


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The Wear-Everywhere Dress

No matter how cold it gets in NYC, you'll still catch me out and about wearing my favorite dresses with classic outerwear to match. To keep my legs warm, I pair my favorite midis with knee-high boots.


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The Oversize Fur Coat

As we reach the thick of this mob wife era, we see everyone rushing to own a fur coat. For me, it's always been an essential. Somehow my fur coat goes with everything, and it basically guarantees me getting a compliment, so I highly suggest giving it a try.


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Sierra Mayhew was always destined to work in fashion, but she didn't know it at first. Growing up with no choice but to wear a rotation of school uniforms and activewear, her love for fashion really blossomed when she moved away for college and was able to finally define her very own personal style. Shortly thereafter, she interned at Elle magazine and instantly knew that editorial was for her. After graduating from the University of Notre Dame, she worked for ShopBazaar, contributing regularly to Bazaar.com, and finally made her way to Who What Wear, where she is an associate editor. When she’s not working, you can catch her always trying to catch a flight, rollerblading through New York City traffic, or exploring the latest luxury vintage boutique.