My NYC Friends Have Completely Different Styles—Here's What Each Would Buy Now

Have you ever been in a friend group where everyone has such different approaches to personal style, but when you all get together to snap a photo, you look like a cohesive unit? Well, that's my current situation for right now, and I'm loving it.

I have an obsessive personality, so as I pondered over our simultaneously conflicting and complementary wardrobes, I thought, Why not break things down? After getting my friends to confess what they think their personal style is, I gave them each a name, and we're running with it. Now, it's your turn to get involved. I'm giving this a "choose your fighter" theme. Scroll down below to explore my friends' personal styles and shop whichever one resonates with you the most. 



"My mood dictates my style, which is often chaotic. I rotate between different personas from a romantic heroine to the classic edgy New York City vibe. But at the end of the day, having an effortless wardrobe is crucial to me. I'm always running around the city and like to be comfortable plus carry pieces that are easy to put together." — Renata D'Agrella

Shop the aesthetic:

Renata loves a good orange moment.

Her effortless look for running around the city can't be beaten.

For days you want to feel dressed up without trading in comfort.

Renata always packs fun crochet sets for her beach vacations.

"I'm not afraid to stand out. I love a good basic but am always down to try new trends. I take risks with my style, and I let how I'm feeling dictate my look." — Grace Joshua

Shop the aesthetic:

These shorts are the perfect wardrobe staple to beat the heat in.

Every detail on this bustier top is sending me.

If anyone knows how to style this top in a million ways, it's Grace.



"I'd describe my style as 'old meets new.'  The majority of my wardrobe is vintage, which I love because I'm able to incorporate unique/one-of-a-kind pieces into my looks—whether it's an '80s blazer or a funky vest. I usually go for bold colors and heavy layering in my daily look. Summer for me is the most difficult season to style, but I'm really into over-accessorizing and low-rise at the moment!" — Levi Sebree

Shop the aesthetic:

This dress is a tribute to Y2K, so Levi would be all over it.

Levi has the best vintage finds, so a dress that looks like this would already be in her closet.

These shoes will pair well with the sweater above.

Levi loves low-rise as much as I do.

My style changes so much that even I find it hard to keep up. I first wanted to describe it as the '90s supermodel aesthetic with clean, strong staples guiding my way. But I also am always one of the first to try a new trend and am known for throwing together multiple bold pops of color. Whether you love or hate astrology, you have to admit that this duality in my wardrobe reflects my Gemini sun sign very well.

Shop the aesthetic:

I'm always planning my next vacation, so you know this dress is in my cart.

I haven't stopped thinking about this dress since I first saw it.

I'm a sucker for a good daytime dress.