Leighton Meester's Go-To Legging Look Is Very Anti–Blair Waldorf

In just a few days, on March 5, Leighton Meester’s series Making History will debut on Fox, marking her biggest TV project since Gossip Girl went off the air in 2012. Despite the passing time, it’s not uncommon for us to still associate her with the Blair Waldorf role—and wardrobe—she made so iconic. While her new onscreen character (Deborah Revere, daughter of Paul) will have Meester in a wardrobe of corsets and pre-Revolutionary garb, make no mistake: Neither Waldorf nor Miss Revere is any real indication of the actress’s style. “This is really my everyday look,” she revealed to Who What Wear on the set of Bydie’s latest shoot, wearing an outfit of leggings, a tank top, and pink sneakers.

While Waldorf’s preppy Upper East Side style can still be considered a relevant fashion-world reference, Meester says that dressing the part didn’t change her own personal style—at all. “Kind of the opposite. Really what I wear every day and what makes me feel most comfortable and at my best are jeans, T-shirts and button-downs, sweaters, boots, and sneakers. I do have a couple of dresses I throw in there occasionally,” she says.

The star even goes on to claim, “There is no way to make heels more comfortable.” Her advice: “The only thing you can do is buy your shoes a little larger and get padding inside—that’s always nice.”

So what does the actress and singer really wear—when there’s no Chanel or 18th-century wardrobe necessary? “I just like simple black leggings with a fitted T-shirt or tank and my Nike sneakers,” she says. “My gut instinct with leggings is not to pair them with something tight on the top. But that’s actually a mistake because it looks nice to wear something tight on top, too. The L.A. look is very much to look like you’re always exercising.”

Below, check out some of the exclusive shots you won't see anywhere else from the legging-loving Meester, and read her complete interview over on Byrdie.