Sorry, But I Refuse to Work Out in Any Other Type of Leggings Than These

Allow me to introduce you to the cargo pants of leggings. Similar to cargo pants, they're a major upgrade to a style we already love. We've entered a new year, and since my schedule has calmed down for now, I am taking full advantage and spending more time at the gym. I've been pushing myself to do more strength training even though I'd much rather run on the treadmill, and this has led to a minor dilemma.

When carrying weights across the room, I have no idea where to put my phone, and the waistband of my leggings just isn't working for me anymore. Now, when I go through my dresser looking for something to wear, I almost always gravitate toward leggings that have pockets. Knowing that I'll be hands-free on the gym floor and when I run errands after is the best feeling.

These are quite literally the cargo pants of leggings.

If you prefer a classic black pair, try these.

All of my favorite leggings come from this brand that is so high performance.

These are very high performance.

I need to get fleece leggings immediately for my outdoor runs.