Leggings Are Officially Runway Approved—5 Trends We're Eyeing for 2023


Courtesy of Prada, Courtesy of Ferragamo, Courtesy of David Koma

There was once a time when practically no one I knew left the house without wearing a pair of leggings. When what was once exclusively worn for working out was introduced as something we now fondly call "athleisure," people had opinions about it. Back then, leggings still had a reputation for being lazy-day attire, but oh how the times have changed. Fashion designers are challenging the thought that leggings are just meant for cozy days spent running earrings.

This past season on the runway, we saw leggings styled with everything from miniskirts and dresses to blazers and sheer blouses. With designers like Celine pushing for a return to our early 2010s wardrobe, I'm predicting that leggings (which peaked during that era) will be back and bigger than ever. Soon you'll be wearing yours to a formal dinner or for a night out on the town. Below, find the five trends you need to consider for the legging revival.


Courtesy of Celine, Courtesy of Givenchy

After seeing Hailey Bieber wearing the Celine runway–approved leather leggings out and about, I'm certain that the world will be quick to pick up on this trend. You'd be surprised by how comfortable they can be.


Courtesy of Maisie Wilen, Courtesy of Tory Burch

If you fondly think back on the '80s, then this is the trend for you. Wearing a pair of capri leggings is the perfect way to say yes, I'm intentionally wearing leggings as a fashion statement. Seeing celebrities pop out of their NYC apartments wearing this trend officially had me sold last summer, but now that it's gotten an extra layer of runway approval, I need it in my closet like now.


Courtesy of Prada, Courtesy of Khaite

Nude leggings can never not be chic. They not only are flattering but also look good with anything in your closet. I've been drooling over the way they were styled on the Khaite and Prada runways ever since the fall. Nothing says fashion with a capital F more than these outfits.


Courtesy of Ferragamo, Courtesy of Sportmax

If you like showing off your shoes as much as I do, you might need to give split-front leggings a try. This is a pair of leggings that can easily feel very different than the ones that you work out in. 


Courtesy of David Koma, Courtesy of Dior 

Embrace all that leggings have to offer. The sportier, the better in this case. If you're the kind of person who loves chasing the latest streetwear trends, this is the type of leggings you should be wearing. I've never seen anything better.