The $0 Trick That Makes Legging Outfits Better

Truth be told, I'm not very adventurous with legging outfits. You won't soon find me in a Bella Hadid–esque matching set in keeping with the latest activewear trend. When I'm going to work out, I wear neutral-colored high-waisted leggings, a sports bra, tank, sneakers, and some sort of jacket (if the weather calls for it). But in my daily perusal of celebrity outfits, I've noticed time and time again that celebs are also fans of the simple $0 trick that I use to make my legging outfits cooler and more flattering: a knotted tank or tee. It's a trick my fellow editor Michelle Scanga told me she also does when wearing leggings; the models and influencers on a recent Revolve trip she took were doing as well. Not only that, it was a styling trick that I spotted on repeat on my recent trip to the first-ever Activewear Fashion Week in Miami. So the point is, it's definitely a thing.

The trick, which I may or may not have initially picked up from fellow SoulCycle riders in L.A., works for people like me who aren't ones to wear just a sports bra or crop top with leggings, no matter how high-waisted they are. But I couldn't help but notice that when I wore a loose top with my leggings, I just looked sloppy. So I started tightly knotting my knit tanks and tees at either the front, side hip bone, or back, and it makes me still feel like I'm covered up, but much more stylishly so. 

Below, see celebs like Dakota Johnson and Emma Roberts sporting knotted tanks, and shop tanks (that are just begging to be knotted), leggings, and sneakers to mix and match.