Léa Seydoux Looks Stunning in the Beauty and the Beast Trailer

Just when we were gearing up for Emma Watson’s performance as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, another movie trailer for the same story was released today, except this time it’s in French and starring Léa Seydoux and Vincent Cassel (swoon!). Named after the original fairytale, La Belle et la Bêtes, this version seems to be a darker, more mysterious version of the classic Disney film many of us grew up with. The French film will be released September 23, several months ahead of the March 17, 2017, release date of the English version, but we’ll definitely be seeing both (don’t worry!). 

Click to watch the official trailer for La Belle et la Bêtes and get a taste for the colorful, rich costumes that Seydoux will wear throughout the film. 

Leave us a comment to let us know which version—Seydoux or Watson—you’re more excited to see! Also, pick up your copy of the original book to brush up on your facts.

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