Kendall and Kylie Jenner Reveal Their #1 Fashion Regret

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are arguably the two most watched sisters in the fashion world right now. While their older half-sister Kim Kardashian is certainly up there too, it's the younger ones who have most of our collective attention—and with a combined 53 million Instagram followers, we're willing to say the whole world's. 

It makes sense then that the two would join forces for their latest fashion projecttheir 12th collection at PacSun. They recently held a launch event at their waterfront store in Santa Monica, where we caught up with the two stylish ladies. We had to know: Since they are always being watched so much, are there any outfit choices they regret?

"We try not to overthink what we’re wearing and don’t have any major fashion regrets (yet!)," Kylie told us. "But when we look back at old pictures, we can’t help but laugh at some of our outfits."

"Yeah, when we were little, our mum used to dress us in matching clothes, so we definitely have some major fashion fails from childhood," Kendall added. 

We can totally see Kris Jenner having a sartorial heyday with these two as tots. Keep scrolling to see (and shop) our favourites from the Jenner sisters' new collection at PacSun! 

Meghan Blalock
Managing Editor

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