Why Kendall Jenner and Anna Wintour Share a Birthday, According to Astrology


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November 3 is a big day in fashion. It's the shared birthday of two of the most recognizable names in the industry: Kendall Jenner and Anna Wintour. So is it a coincidence that the two powerhouses were born on the same day, or was it written in the stars? We tapped Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the AstroTwins, to get the scoop on the astrological significance of the date.

"November 3 people are ruled by the Empress card in tarot, which is 3 in the major Arcana," they explained to Who What Wear. "This is the card of beauty, decadence, and luxury. No wonder both are drawn to high fashion!"

The AstroTwins elaborated on why the duo was primed to achieve success in the fashion industry. "Scorpios are the alchemists of the zodiac," they told us. "They know how to turn lead into gold, spinning a web of mystery and allure with all that they do—hello, Kendall Jenner on the runway. And Scorpios are known for their intuition and sixth sense. Since the fashion world is all about predicting trends, Anna Wintour has found her calling here, clearly."

When we asked about the characteristics that Jenner and Wintour would likely share, the AstroTwins outlined some of the pair's best qualities. "Scorpios are also known for being sultry and secretive," they told us. "They love to leave people guessing, but behind the scenes, they are totally loyal. They don't love often, but they love deeply. The people who make it to their inner circles will be lucky as they'll have devoted friends and champions for life!" We officially wish we could count Jenner and Wintour as our own BFFs—but, alas, we'll have to keep dreaming.

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