Princess Kate Wore Skinny Jeans and $65 Sneakers for Her 2022 Christmas Card

For their first Christmas card as the Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate decided to keep things low-key in coordinating denim looks. The family of five looks positively adorable in casual outfits, including all three kids in shorts. For the photo, Kate Middleton wore an Mih shirt, skinny jeans, and her favorite Superga Cotu Classic Sneakers ($65). 

The Princess of Wales recently wore a priceless emerald necklace from Queen Mary's collection on the red carpet, so this laid-back look is certainly a 180-degree change. But that's what she's always done best: She can pull off the glamorous, tiara-wearing royalty look just as easily as she can pull off soccer-mom vibes. Scroll down to see the royal family's 2022 Christmas card and shop Middleton's sneakers. 


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On Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales: Superga Cotu Classic Sneakers ($65)


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5 Other Times Kate Middleton Wore Her Fave Superga Sneakers


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