All of Jennifer Aniston's Best Looks From 1995 to, Literally, Yesterday

Given the fact she played the role of one of the most fashionable characters ever to grace the small screen for 10 years, it's little wonder that Jennifer Aniston's personal style has been somewhat overlooked as Rachel Green's inevitably took center stage. This, however, is an oversight we're hellbent on rectifying.

Having hit the big time in 1995, Aniston was catapulted into the spotlight during one of the most fashionable decades, though it wasn't long before she began to make her mark on emerging trends. From spaghetti straps to square toes, Aniston became of the era's style darlings, and we'd gladly wear any of her '90s looks today.

Fast-forward to recent years, and the star's style is still going strong. Just look at her impeccable red carpet streak circa 2015, where she blazed couture trails in Gucci, John Galliano, and Saint Laurent.

Indeed, there's so much more to Jennifer Aniston's style than little black dresses and her failsafe jeans-and–tank top combination. Keep scrolling to see for yourself.